Specialist in custom-made
metallic parts and hand tools

Our commitments

Expertise, Reactivity, Competitive


Reliability & Competitive

We can offer a wide range of products at the most competitive prices thanks to a constant monitoring of technological developments and to the large quantities handled with our partners.

Due to our knowledge of different manufacturing technologies, we are able to offer a wide range of know-how. We can thus provide cost-effective solutions to your requirements and reduce the number of your suppliers.

International Markets

For more than 20 years FG industries has been dealing with a network of international suppliers.

Through this experience and a policy of constant quality controls, we can single out reliable and certified partners able to answer our customers’ requirements.

FG industries has an international vocation and our sales team speaks fluently the main business languages with their commonly-used technical, commercial and legal terms.

Enhanced reactivity

For greater efficiency and to avoid confusion, you will have a single dedicated point of contact at FG industries who will liaise with you and look after your order from A to Z.
Each commercial adviser works in close co-operation with product conception experts and can thus offer the best adapted solution to your specific needs.
Thanks to our significant storage capacity we can stock up to one year’s supplies.
Our logistic management and our convenient location on a major road hub in central France provide you with the best reaction times and shipment on short notice.