Specialist in custom-made
metallic parts and hand tools

About Us

Supplier of quality made-to-design component parts and hand tools to the manufacturing industries.

Expertise, Reactive, Competitive

Supplier of quality made-to-design component parts and hand tools to the manufacturing industries.

FG industries was established in 1994 by Jean-Pierre Garçon, following a successful early career within initially the design team, then managing the assembly lines of world-renowned manufacturers …
Knowing he could do better and driven by a desire to provide the client with the very best in terms of product and service, he established FG industries.

Today, FG industries, numbers a staff of 11, our sales team of 6 is fully fluent in english. A member of our team is designated to handle an order from A to Z. Rapidity, flexibility and strength in our field are attributes of our company, which directly translate into benefits for you.

We are proud to be the 1st choice suppliers of made-to-design metal components to prestigious agricultural engineering firmsmanufacturers of agricultural and cultivations equipment and trailer and semi manufacturers.

Frédéric GARCON

Delphine PICARD  Juliette CARIMATI

Florence BERTIN

Antoine JANDOT

Guillaume BRILLAND

Christian CHARLET

The FG Industries Team

A small family firm, the FG industries’ team is multidisciplinary, a measure of both flexibility and adaptability.

Every member of our team receives regular training to ensure they remain fully up to date with new techniques and evolutions in the manufacturing processes.

An outward-looking internationally-oriented firm, our staff are fully fluent in english as well as in the commonly-used technical, commercial and legal terms.