Specialist in custom-made
metallic parts and hand tools


What is your average lead time?

Our significant warehousing capacity allows us to hold large numbers of items on stock. We can, as such, guarantee very short delivery times.
For each product type we have both local and international suppliers, thereby assuring lead times that match your requirements.

We are designing a new machine, can you provide us with technical advice?

Yes. Our R&D service can assist you in the choice of component parts and help you with your technical drawings. We can also supply you prototypes.

Can you hold sufficient minimum stocks for me?

Yes. We have significant warehousing capacity, which allows us to respond immediately to any fluctuations in your production.

Some of your suppliers are based outside France, how can you be sure of the quality of their production?

Our 20-year experience has enabled us to select and establish confidence-building relations with our suppliers.
They are ISO accredited and we regularly undertake validation audits.

You can supply cold rolled threads. What are the advantages compared to cut threads?

Cold rolled threads offer a smoother surface, respect the metal fibres and thus improves the mechanical characteristics, as well as stress and corrosion resistance.

Can you provide customised packing?

Yes. Permanently attentive to all our clients’ needs, we can offer such a service.

Can you respond to urgent and unforeseen stock resupplies?

Yes. Our excellent relations with both suppliers and transporters enables us to provide rapid solutions for urgent needs.

What is the rolled diameter ? What are the advantages?

The rolled diameter, which is smaller than the nominal diameter, corresponds to the diameter of the flank of the thread, a saving in both metal and weight.

What is zinc flake plating? What are its advantages?

It consists of a zinc coating, not by electrolysis. The part is immersed in a zinc and aluminium resin prior to baking. With this process, hydrogen embrittlement is avoided and therefore the part is more resistant to salt corrosion and contributes to a lower friction coefficient.